Grand Hold'em

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Grand Hold'em

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Casino Holdʼem, a variant of the Poker classic Texas Holdʼem, is gaining popularity in casinos around the world. Why is this game in demand? It’s simple: you don't compete against several Poker players but the dealer instead. And StarGames is finally offering an online version of Grand Holdʼem which was superbly realised by Novomatic!

Your aim in Grand Hold'em

The essence of Grand Hold'em is to land a combo with your own two cards and five community cards that beats the dealer's cards. You start with the basic bet (Ante) that can be supplemented with an extra bet (Aces or Better: winning with a Flop, the first two own cards and the first three community cards, is paramount). After the first three community cards have been revealed you are spoilt for choice: take a risk and Call or rather Fold? If you want to keep playing the game opt for Call, which means your Ante bet is doubled. Then, the last two cards are revealed and there is a round winner.

This rule applies to the dealer

What you should know: your opponent, the dealer, qualifies with a pair of Fours or better cards. If this minimum value is not reached you receive the winning value of your Ante bet according to the paytable and your Call bet is refunded (Push). In case of a tie you get all bets back!

Playing Grand Holdʼem free of charge? Is possible on StarGames!

Poker enthusiasts will rejoice: this version of the classic Poker game is most entertaining. Unlike at busy Poker tables rounds just last a few moments here. And in this Novomatic slot you only face one opponent: the dealer!

If you have enough Stars in your player account you might even want to risk the odd larger bet without having to worry about your luck being out. Above all, Grand Holdʼem is easy to play and is great practice for larger Poker rounds.

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