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Responsible Gaming

Playing casino games like online slots, poker and betting should be fun and entertaining for the player. However, a certain percentage of players runs the risk of developing addictive behaviour when carrying out this leisure activity.

We at know how important responsible gaming is. Therefore, a social concept has been developed that encourages social responsibility in the context of gambling. This concept should foster active player protection and prevent minors from accessing the assortment of games.

Occasionally, this concept is assessed by the head of the legal department as well as the management and approved by the CEO. In addition, the concept is ongoingly updated by the head of the legal department based on new information and guidelines with regards to Responsible Gaming. For this, commissions consultants who specialise in Responsible Gaming. has developed a variety of measures, which are ongoingly optimized, to ensure that our customers can enjoy our services. The guidelines for Resonsible Gaming are aimed at promoting responsible handling of gaming addiction and, if required, support our customers with regards to prevention, mediation and treatment.

We would like to ask you to read the guidelines carefully and contact our support team via e-mail ( or call our hotline if you believe to be at risk of developing a gaming addiction. Our support team consists of competent members with regards to Responsible Gaming: They have successfully completed a variety of trainings and workshops about this topic and are therefore very experienced.


If you have concerns regarding to your gaming behavior, we recommend that you complete a self-check. Self-checks are free of charge and completely anonymous. You can evaluate your gaming behavior with the following checks:

Support on our website

We have adopted dual approach with regards to Responsible Gambling on We offer monitoring of your gaming behavior, information and support but also encourage you to play an active role to prevent gaming addiction. We have devised a variety of support tools that you can use to check your gaming activities.

Reality Check - regular updates regarding your gaming habits

To keep you up to date about your current gaming session, an hourly notice is displayed during the game that your are playing. You receive an overview about your stakes and winnings as well as the time that you have been playing continuously. This function has been implemented to support you in monitoring your gaming behavior; it cannot be switched off.

Limits - set gaming limits

You can set a variety of limits to prevent excessive gaming behavior:

  • monthly deposit limit
  • daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits
  • daily, weekly and monthly loss limits
  • maximum playing time during a session limit.

If you would like to set a limit, please send an e-mail to our support team for Responsible Gaming ( and state 'Limit' in the subject line. To speed up the process we kindly ask you to send us the answer to your security question and inform us about your preferred limits. It is also possible to alter the limits in certain time intervals. Please note that a limit increase comes into effect immediately, while a limit reduction or removal will only be implemented after a consideration period of 7 days. During this period you can cancel a request for limit reduction or removal at any time.

Block requested by the player - taking a gaming break

In addition to setting limits, players can also request to block their access to the website. The player can determine the time period of this block; it can also be permanent. A request for blocking is granted immediately. If you have the impression that you have a problem with gambling we advise to block your account for a least a year. The block will only be removed at the end of this time period once you have contacted our support team for Responsible Gaming and requested access to your account. If you request a block you can also decide whether to withdraw the credit in your account or whether it shall remain in your account until the block is removed. If you opt for a permanent block the credit is transferred to your bank account immediately. In both cases your identification details have to be verified to carry out withdrawals. You will not receive promotion material during the entire time of your block.

To request a block please send us an e-mail to with the subject line "Block requested by player". To speed up the process we kindly ask you to send us the answer to your security question and inform us about the preferred length of your block. To get a quicker reply you can contact our support team for Responsible Gaming at the following phone numbers:

  • 00356 277 9 0691 (0.045 Euro/min., support in English)
  • 0180 540 78 20 (0.14 Euro/min. from a German landline)
  • 0820 40 10 40 (0.13 Euro/min. from an Austrian landline)
  • 0848 40 10 40 (0.11 Euro/min. from a Swiss landline)

You can reach our phone support 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Please have the answer for your security question ready when you phone. block

Our support team monitors player behavior regularly as part of our guidelines for Responsible Gaming to identify potential problem behavior. If there are reasons to believe that a player has developed a gaming addiction, our support team will block this player's account. The remaining credit in the account will be paid to the player subject to the payment regulations according to GTCs. To ensure that the block is justified our support team investigates gaming habits, behavior and transactions of the player concerned as well as any communication between the player and the support team.

Reporting a gaming addiction

Please contact us if any of your friends or relatives display signs of gaming addiction. You can either send us an e-mail ( or phone our hotline. We at are aware of the delicate nature of such a situation and can reassure you that every case is treated with the utmost integrity and will be thoroughly investigated before further steps are taken.

Contacting our support team

Our support team will be happy to help and advise anytime. Simply send an e-mail to or phone us at any time (24/7 customer service) on the following numbers:

  • 00356 277 9 0691 (0.045 Euro/min., support in English)
  • 0180 540 78 20 (0.14 Euro/min. from a German landline)
  • 0820 40 10 40 (0.13 Euro/min. from an Austrian landline)
  • 0848 40 10 40 (0.11 Euro/min. from a Swiss landline)

If you are a friend or relative of the person concerned you can find more information on or

Be informed would like to support you to gain insight into your gaming behavior.

You can find an overview of your transactions under ‘My Account’. The account overview shows all deposits, withdrawals, bets and refunds of your player account. This information will support you to analyze your gaming behavior and to detect any signs of problematic gaming behavior.

Every slot game on contains a paytable in the help text. You can call up the help text anytime by clicking the 'Help' button in the game, which is located in the top right corner next to the "Exit" button. You can view the paytable by clicking on the "Winnings" button at the bottom end of the game window.

Please click on the "Paytable" button below the reels to view the paytable of a game. This button is framed red in the screen shots below.

A typical slot game paytable.


Online help

We recommend to visit the following external links if you are interested in further information regarding Responsible Gaming. Please note that the operators of these websites are not affiliated with If you are an operator of the websites mentioned below and would like to have your link removed, please contact us and we will take care of your request immediately.


Offline help

If you are looking for an institution offering consultation or therapy we advise you to contact one of the following clinics. The two clinics are completely independent and are in no way affiliated with If you are an operator of the clinics mentioned and would like to have your contact details removed, please contact us. We will take care of your request immediately.

University Hospital Mainz
Clinic and Polyclinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy
Competence Centre Behavioral Addictions
Untere Zahlbacher Straße 8
55131 Mainz
Tel: 0800 1 529 529

University Hospital Charité Berlin
Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
AG-Gaming Addiction
Charitéplatz 1
10117 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 450 617 333

Gräfin-Zichy-Straße 6
1230 Vienna
Tel: +43 1 880 100

University Hospital for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy II
Ignaz-Harrer-Straße 79
5020 Salzburg
Tel: +43 662 44 83 - 4603

Protection of minors

Casino games are prohibited in most countries for persons under 18 years of age. reserves the right to request proof of legal age from every customer and check the information provided.

Our technical systems verify the age of the account owner. Accounts of minors, who have supplied false information will be blocked. Subsequently, they cannot participate in cash games. appeals to parents and legal guardians to contribute to the protection of minors, who have access to the internet. You can discuss this topic with the minor, respectively install a filter software that blocks access to certain websites. Please visit the websites listed below for further information and support:

In addition, it is advisable to create a separate login access on your computer and use passwords to deter minors from using certain devices. Also, login details for should be kept confidential and documents for personal identification as well as credit cards and bank cards should be kept away from minors.

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