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You can pay conveniently and safely with TrustPay on StarGames. You can carry out bank transfers online with your preferred payment method via TrustPay without having to disclose your bank details.

TrustPay is monitored and regulated by the national bank of Slovakia and supports instant bank transfers and regular bank transfers.

To view a list of all banks that are supported by TrustPay please click here.

At a glance:

  • TrustPay is a fast, easy and safe option to deposit money online.
  • You don't have to register for this payment method: All you need is a bank account at any of the banks supporting TrustPay. Alternatively you can deposit money in person at your bank.

How does it work?

To top up your account or purchase Stars on StarGames with TrustPay you have to navigate to the section "Deposit" or "Buy Stars". Then enter the desired amount or select a Stars pack of your choice. Afterwards choose TrustPay as payment method and click on the the "Deposit" or "Withdraw" button next to the TrustPay logo.

Afterwards you will be directed to a confirmation screen. There you simply select your bank by clicking on its logo. If you have access to internet banking you can deposit money immediately because you will be directed to your online banking. Otherwise you will be provided with bill of exchange recipient details, which you need for a payment request for your online banking or to deposit money in person at your bank. The amount will be credited to your player account as soon as your deposit has been approved.

Are there restrictions for payments with TrustPay?

  • The minimum deposit amount is €10 or the relevant amount in your national currency.
  • The maximum amount for deposits will be displayed with the payment method on the deposit page.

What are the benefits of TrustPay?

  • Your account will be topped up instantly when the transaction has been confirmed successfully.
  • It is a very safe and easy to use payment method.
  • TrustPay is completely free.
  • You don't have to register for TrustPay.

Are there additional costs for payments with TrustPay?

StarGames covers any costs for using TrustPay on the platform. Any charges incurred by your bank are not covered by us.

How do you switch to another currency?

The basic currency at StarGames is euro. You can display your account balance in one of the other available currencies as well as in euro at the same time.

If you deposit money in currencies other than euro, StarGames will use the daily updated exchange rates of the central bank to convert your deposits into the currency of the platform (euro).

Because euro is the basic currency of StarGames your deposit can vary due to daily exchange rates if you display it in other currencies.

Display TrustPay as your favourite payment method:

If TrustPay is your preferred payment method you can display it among your favourites by clicking on the heart symbol within the TrustPay logo on the "Deposit" or "Buy Stars" site. The heart will then light up and TrustPay will be listed among your favourites.

If you have further questions or need more support, please contact our support team!

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