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The slot machine variant of bingo at StarGames stands out a little from classic bingo: It is called 'Latin Bingo' – a version that is widespread and very popular in South America.

Initially every player receives up to four cards, which contain randomly generated numbers. After the stakes have been determined, the main draw of the bingo balls starts. The winning numbers drawn will automatically be compared with the numbers on the cards - if the numbers match they will be marked. If one of the many bingo patterns on the tickets is complete, you’ve won!

You will only bet once per main draw. Some bingo versions also offer the opportunity to request extra balls. Normally you have to then pay a stake for an extra ball, which depends on the currently existing chances of winning. If the winning chances are low, then the necessary bet is equally low (extra balls are then often free of charge) - higher chances of winning require higher stakes for extra balls.

Bingo Bonus Games

Some versions of bingo will give you the opportunity to trigger a bonus game with certain bingo patterns. Two rules are always valid here:

  • You do not have to place a stake for the game.
  • You will receive a bonus win.

You can always find more information about bonus opportunities in games in the help texts of the relevant games or in the game itself under ‘Paytable'.