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Casino lobby

To start your desired game, move the mouse over the game’s logo and then click either on "Stars". You will be taken to the so-called lobby.

Each casino games lobby usually offers the following options:

  • You can view which seats are vacant and/or occupied. You can recognise an occupied place by the black figure standing in front of the slot machine.
  • You can start a game by clicking on either the vacant seat or on the "Play" button at the top edge of the window.
  • If you would like to look over the shoulder of another player while playing, click on the black figure in one of the occupied seats to start the observer mode.

Table view

If you have claimed a vacant place for yourself, the table view opens and you can start playing immediately.

Each table view offers the following buttons:

  • Operation buttons: You control your game with these buttons.
  • Exit: Clicking on this button takes you back to the lobby.
  • Help: Here you will find help regarding the respective game – a detailed account that explains everything necessary.
  • Stars: This button takes you directly to the load or deposit window where you can purchase Stars.
  • Game settings buttons: With these buttons you can switch on and off sound effects and music, and you can also switch between widescreen, full screen and normal view.

Please note that the buttons shown can vary between games.