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Casino Games Lobby

To start one of the games on StarGames is simple: Move the mouse to the logo of the game of your choice and click either on 'Real Money' or 'Stars'. You will then enter the game lobby.

Every casino games lobby offers you the following options:

  • You can see which seats are free or taken. A seat is taken if it is occupied by a black figure.
  • If you click on the empty seat or the button 'Play' at the upper edge of the window you can start a game yourself at any time.
  • If you rather observe one of the active players while playing, instead of starting a game yourself, just click on one of the black figures and you can look over the shoulders of one of the active players!

Table view: Casino Games


If you have taken one of the empty seats, the table view opens and you can start playing right away!

Every table view offers you the following options:

  • Operation buttons of the game: You can control your game with these buttons.
  • Exit: By clicking this button you will get back to the lobby.
  • Help: You can view the game help of the relevant game here - a comprehensive text that explains everything you need.
  • Account / Deposit: This button takes you to your player account where you can deposit money or purchase stars.
  • Game settings buttons: Audio, music and screen settings can be adjusted according to your preferences here.

Please note that the buttons displayed can vary depending on the game.

Skill Games lobby

Starting the Skill Games at StarGames is as easy as beginning one of the Casino Games: Move the mouse to the logo of the game of your choice and click either on 'Real Money' or 'Stars'. You will then enter the game lobby.

Every Skill Games lobby offers you the following options:

  • Thanks to a list of names of currently active players you can easily see who is also online.
  • You can see which game tables are occupied with active players, which games are open and which players are currently competing against each other.
  • Through the drop down menu below the index cards, you can either view all gaming tables or just the ones which are still free.
  • A new game is started by clicking on the ‘New game’ button.
  • You can join a game started by another player at any time.
  • You can observe other players during a game that's currently running.

Please note that some lobbies have additional functions, which depend on the relevant game. In some games you can switch between different game versions by using the tab system.

Table view: Skill Games


If you have occupied an empty seat at a gaming table - either by starting a new game or joining a running game - the so-called table view is opened. You can view the gaming field on the left side and a window on the right side with additional information: Players, who are currently competing in this table view are at the top. You can view the observers below and then all players, which are currently active in the room overview or other table views of the relevant games.

At the right side of the table view you will find several useful buttons:

  • Player Info: You can view additional information about your fellow players here.
  • Invite: Inviting other players is simple: All you need to do is click on the name of the player you would like to invite on the player list. The player in question will then receive a message informing him about the invitation. If the player who was invited clicks on your player name in the invitation, the table in question will be called up and the player can join by clicking on the green check mark. If they choose the red X, the player declines the invitation.
  • Ignore: If you feel harassed by other players you can permanently stop them from inviting you with this function.
  • Throwing out: Inactive players and observers you don't wish to have around can be removed from the game with this function.
  • Log in: Viewers don't have to remain completely passive: If you want to join an ongoing game, you can sign up for the next round.
  • Exit: You will exit the game with this button, whether you are an observer or an active player.

Please note that the buttons displayed can vary depending on the game.

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