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Multiple versions of the exciting and world famous classic card games are at Stargames:

  • Poker as video poker
  • Poker as a card game against real opponents

One rule remains the same in each version: A specific hand (= card sequence) is needed to win. You can find all the winning hands directly in each game.


This is a simplified but no less fun slot machine form of poker for single players. The computer shuffles the cards, after which you receive a certain number of cards - for which a bet is necessary. You can then replace individual cards and with luck create a winning hand.

Poker as a card game against real opponents

You can also play different variations of poker against real opponents. The aim is to achieve a better poker hand than your opponent - a rule that applies to all variants. Only the dealing of the cards and the gameplay are different in each poker variant. More detailed information about each game can be found directly in the help texts of the game.

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