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Smiley List


Key combination


:)    :-)  
 Smiling Smiley
=)   *g*  *gg* *ggg* *lol*
 Smiling Smiley Variant
:D   :-D  :-))
 Laughing Smiley
 Laughing Smiley Variant
;)     ;-)   ;o)
 Winking Smiley
:p   :-p    =p
 Smiley with Tongue Hanging Out
:P   :-P   :-P
 Even more Tongue …
:o)   =o)
 Teddy bear
:O   :-O  :-o  =O
 Surprised Smiley
*kiss* *bussi*  *knutsch*
 Kissing Smiley
C|:)  C|:-)  C|=)  C|:o)  C|=o) *cool*
 Cool Smiley with Shades
:|   :-|  :o  =o
 Indifferent Smiley
:/   :-/  :o/   =/  =o/
 Err ... I’d Rather Not
:(  :-(  :o(   =(  =o(
 Unhappy Smiley
):(   ):-(    ):o(    )=(    )=o(
 Angry Smiley
}:(   }:-(     }=(   }=o(
 Furious Smiley
8O  8-O   X-O
 Up All Night Smiley
:°(   :°-(    =°(
 Crying Smiley
*heart* *herz*  *hdl*  *liebhab*
*star*   *stern*
*wink* *wave* Waving Smiley
*teddy* *hug* *knuddel* Teddy bear
*y* *yes* *j* *ja* *ok* Thumbs Up
*n* *no* *nein* Thumbs Down
*handshake* Handshake
°:-| *sweat* *schwitz* Sweating Smiley
*blush* *rotwerd* Blushing Smiley
*wasnotme* *ichwarsnicht* Innocent Smiley
|-) *yawn* *gaehn* Sleepy Smiley
*inlove* *verliebt* In Love Smiley
*brokenheart* Broken Heart
*puke* *kotz* Vomiting Smiley
:-X :-x "My Lips are Sealed" Smiley
*chuckle* *kicher* Chuckling Smiley
*clap* *klatsch* Clapping Smiley
O:-) O:) *angel* Angel
*flower* Flower
*rain* Rain
*sun* Sun
*time* Time
*mail* Mail
*party* Party
*cake* Cake
*toast* Cocktail
*coffee* Coffee
|-( Annoyed Smiley
]]:) ]]:-) Crazy Smiley
^^ *devil* Devil
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