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Who will win the game? How will the match end? Whether it's football, basketball, hockey or tennis, be it a friendly match, a final or a clash of Titans - place bets on the most exciting sports events. You are free to choose from our entire offering and select your desired bet format (single, combination or system) to bet on the outcome or one or multiple matches.

Bet submission

Select one or more games out of our comprehensive range and bet per mouse-click on the result you expect for each match. Your bet will then show on the bet slip to the right side of the homepage. Afterwards, select your bet amount and your preferred bet format. You can select between single, combination and system bet formats. Then click on 'Continue' and confirm your bet on the final page.

Please note: Confirmed bets can not be withdrawn.

Bet Types

Single bet: Place a bet on the result of a single match with the classic single bet. Click on the plus symbol to show the other special bets available - e.g. bets on the number of goals scored.

Combination bets: You can place multiple bets on different outcomes on one bet slip. The odds of all outcomes will be multiplied by each other and result in the final odds of the combination bet. Your bet is honoured only when ALL bets listed on your bet slip are correct.

System bets: You can create a system bet with a minimum of three bets on a single bet slip. To do so, click on ‘System’ - depending on the number of bets selected, you will be shown which system bet you can play. In contrast with a combination bet, you do not have to win all bets on a system bet to land a win. For example: You select a 2/3 system bet. With this system, you only need two out of three bets to be correct for a win to be awarded. Important: The maximum win resulting from the combination of all bets on your bet slip will be shown at the time of confirmation. Your actual win is dependent on the result of all bets. The more bets in your system bet which are correct, the greater your total win. If you do not fulfil the minimum requirement of your system bet (e.g. you win only one bet in a 2/3 system), you will lose the bet entirely.

Sport type-specific rules

There are rules specific to each type of sport and bet - these are summarised in our comprehensive Sportsbook Help.