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I have Stars in my account but they are not displayed

To end an active game properly, please always click on the "Exit" button in the top right corner of the table view. This ensures that your remaining stake in the game is credited back to your account and thus is available to be used for playing or to be paid out.

Should you not leave the game in the proper manner, it still remains active on our server for a period of time. Your credit, for all intents and purposes, is still tied up in the slot machine and is not available to you for other games or to be paid out. That’s why "0" will be shown in the display of your available credits.

Reasons for not properly leaving a game include:

  • The browser in which the game was active was closed or has crashed.
  • Your internet connection was interrupted.
  • Your device was switched off or restarted.

Should one of these reasons apply, you can first of all try to re-join the game last played, closing it properly by clicking on "Exit" and releasing the credits located there.

If this is not possible, please be patient. Our system will recognise after a certain period of time that you are no longer taking an active part in the game which will then automatically be shut down. The amount wagered will be directly credited to your account. Of course, you don’t lose any winnings obtained up to the time the game was interrupted – these will also be credited to your account.

Please note that this automatic process can take up to two hours to complete.