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€ 216,841.39 Life goes on, but easier than ever before!
lucky winner

Read the story of Corina, who won € 216,841.39 with Jackpot Diamonds

What was your reaction when you saw your win?
I dropped my mobile in shock! Now there's a lovely crack running across its display. :-)
Why did you drop it?
Because the total win amount just kept increasing. I couldn't believe it, so... I lost my grip on the phone. Afterwards, I tried to read the number with my aunt - not so easy, with that crack. At first we thought that it was 21,000 euro, and we were still shocked. The numbers were so tiny and the display was cracked, as I already mentioned. But then we managed to read the full number: an incredible 216,000 euro! I immediately called my father.
What was your father’s reaction?
He likewise couldn’t believe it. Then I showed him the nice conversation I’ve had with StarGames, where they confirmed the win and congratulated me – that’s when we realized how lucky we were.
What did it feel like to see your new account balance?
Joy! Incredible joy! :-) The best part was that I could get at the money straight away, without any waiting.
How did the payout go?
Absolute unproblematic! Paying out that huge sum was easy and fast. Everyone whom I’ve contacted at StarGames was very nice, shared my happiness and congratulated me.
Now that the money’s in your balance, what’s next?
It’s just a great feeling: Nobody can take this away from me. First I bought a new phone for myself and partied for a bit. Then I picked up a new car for the family, did a bit of shopping – more for my little daughter than for myself, as always – and soon we’ll be buying a nice house for ourselves. Life goes on, but easier than ever before.
Did you immediately have a flurry of ideas regarding what to do with the money?
I was absolutely overwhelmed with joy at first and had no idea what to do with the money. Only when I had a talk with my parents – I’m only 24 – we laid out the best options for my own and my daughter’s future.
Did you win anything before?
Sure. Small amounts, now and then. That paid for some nice things. It was a nice bit of extra income.
Since when have you been playing on StarGames?
For a few years now. I think it was 2014 when I registered. When I won my first 1,000 euro, my father told me: You're never playing again. If I had heeded his words, I'd never have won this lovely jackpot. :-)
How much did you stake in that round?
Oh, it wasn’t much. I only took 60 euro with me into the game. But the lucky spin only took me 2 euro. It was a great yield!
Why StarGames?
My uncle played at StarGames. He introduced me to it. I was around when he played, watched him for a bit, then also registered.
Which games do you like the most?
Book of Ra, Jackpot Diamonds and Lord of the Ocean. I also love to try out new games. My first win was in Book of Ra. With just 20 cents I won 1,000 euro.
What do you like the most about the games on StarGames?
The free games. The music, the pictures and the colours are very nice. It’s fun entertainment.
What are your plans for the future, other than buying a house and furnishing it?
My life continues as usual. Only muuuch nicer! :-)
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