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Thirtyone: Play now and win!

Schwimmenhas been played for years in taverns and living rooms especially in Germany and Western Austria. Some people know it as Big Tonka, Nickel Nock, Blitz Clinker or Snip Snap Snoop.

The aim withThirtyoneis to improve your hand by swopping your cards for face-up cards in the middle of the table. Each player collects combinations of cards of equal value or the same suit. It is vital to have higher cards than your opponents. The player with the lowest cards loses a swim ring. Every player has 3 rings (lives) and can swim again once before he exits the round. If players aquire a hand value of 31 points (blitz) or 3 aces (fire) the round ends.

Swop your cards and collect high value combinations to make sure you won't lose any swim rings.

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