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Blackjack Duel

  • 4.7/5

Blackjack: Play now and win!


Blackjackis the most played casino game worldwide. Its predecessor was introduced in 18th century France. The idea for the game was picked up by casinos in the USA and is spreading all over the world under the name of Blackjack. In our version 2 players are competing against each other with equal cards.


A Blackjackmeans that you have reached 21 points with your hand and the aim is to achieve this number or get as close to it as possible. You have to be careful that you don't exceed 21 points (BUST) because in this case your stake will be lost and it is irrelevant how many points the dealer has reached.


You will love this fascinating card game because luck with cards only plays a small role here! Smart placing of chips and well-considered taking of cards are the critical factors for success.


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