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Diamond Yatzy

  • 4.0/5

Diamond Yatzy: Play now and win!

Diamond Yatzis an unusual version of the well-known game Kniffel, Knobeln or Yahtzee. As with Kniffel you decide, which of your results count and which ones you want to delete. Instead of dice you play with jewels. It is a game for two people, who can also play successively.

Within each round, the players will be shown 3 collections each with 5 jewels. Your task is either to collect as many gems of one colour as possible or compile special gem combinations. These combinations (such as straight, full house, yatzy) are worth additional values for the player in the shopping list. During the game, a joker can be used 3 times to exchange a jewel. It is also possible to remove individual fields of the shopping list.

The winner is the one who best combines and achieves the highest values in the shopping list by the end of the game.

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