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French Tarot

  • 2.0/5

French Tarot: Play now and win!

Tarot games originate from 15th century Italy and exist in numerous variants. French Tarot is also referred to as ‘the game of kings’ and requires both a tactical approach and clever, deliberate gameplay. In the game, your skills as a single player and as a team player are in demand, as it is decided in each round who plays alone and who plays in a team.

Three to four players play with 78 cards. In addition to the suits hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs, there are 21 trump cards running from 21, the highest trump, to 1, the lowest trump, and a special card called the ‘Excuse’. The aim of the game is to win as many tricks as possible. Of particular importance are the top cards (three special trump cards): If you beat one of these you win a lot of points - and victory is guaranteed!

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