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Jassen: Play now and win!

Jassen, as with most card games, comes from the Orient. The game was probably brought to Europe by the returning crusaders approximately in the 14th century. Jassen became popular in the 19th century. Different variants have developed throughout the course of time. The card game Jassen, or Jass, is mainly played in Switzerland and in the German-speaking cantons of Switzerland.

Jassen is played with 36 cards in four suits and nine values. You can choose between the game variations ‘Schieber’ and ‘Differenzler’. Schieber Jass is a partnership game for four players playing in two teams. Points can be won by each party by laying the highest card in a trick as well as by achieving calls. With Differenzler, everyone plays alone and tries to estimate and how many tricks they will make in the current round.

The first card in the game is played by the forehand. After that the other players’ cards are in turn added and beaten. The player who wins the trick plays the next card. Here, you have to follow suit where possible. The game is over when one party has reached the specified number of points.

Jassen is a favourite in Switzerland as a national game and in Vorarlberg as a popular pastime.

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