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Rummy: Play now and win!

Rummyis a combination and match game of the rummy family spread in many versions. Its simple rules turned it into a popular family and board game. The first rummygames appeared in the early 20th century and originate from Mexico.

It is a game for two to four players with the aim to lay all of your cards and place your last card on the discard pile. You can lay cards as soon as you have formed combinations, which consist of groups or sequences.

If soon as a player has laid his last card the remaining players will receive minus points for the cards they still hold. The player, who has achieved the agreed number of points first, loses and exits the game. The last player remaining at the end of the game wins the round.

Interesting additional options like hand-rummy (straight-hand) or "knocking" make the game more interesting. Play this classic and be the first one to lay all of your cards.

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