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Scopa: Play now and win!

The Italian game Scopa, also known as Escoba in Spain, is a card game for two to four persons. When played with four players it is automatically played in teams of two. The aim of this card game is to win cards from the centre of the game, where with Scopa, you lay a card which has the same number as one or more of the cards on the table. In Escoba the sum of the cards in the middle must be 15 points.

The aim is to win as many tricks as possible and be the first to reach the agreed number of points. Special points are awarded for clearing the entire table, for the highest amount of cards in your own tricks, for the most diamonds/coins, for 7 of diamonds and for Primiera (a combination of four cards with one card of each suit).

Memorise which cards have already been played, and in this fast and fun game you can clear the table and take the points!

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