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Sheepshead: Play now and win!

Sheepsheadis a card game for four players, from which countless other games have emerged among them Skat and Doppelkopf. Sheepsheadis still played in Bavaria with pleasure.

The game can be played with 32 or 24 cards. During the bidding you can announce partner or singles matches. The player with the highest announcement is the playermaker. Before the second card is played you can still call contra. The playermaker can respond with a re-contra.

Which players will partner-up in partner hands only becomes clear during the game. The players must follow suit but not trump, which means when throwing of a card it always has to be a suit or trump card. If this fails you can also throw off another suit.

To win the team of the playmaker has to take between 62 and 90 points with tricks. The exception are games called Tout, which can only be won if you take all tricks.

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