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Skat: Play now and win!


Skatis a card game for three players and the most classic game in Germany. According to legend it derrived from Sheepshead and it is the favourite game of many celebrities. The name describes the card pile or Talon, which plays a key role in this game.


In every game, after the cards are dealt, "bidding" is used to determine the sole player, who will then play against the two other players. Every game counts seperately and will be accounted for individually. The rules applied are in accordance with the rules of the international Skatrules in the version dated November 2012.


Skatis a tricky game, which seems to be hard to learn at first. Once you understand the basic rules you won't be able to resist the charme of this game. The luck of cards is less important in this cult game; carefully thought-out bidding and playing of cards is important instead.



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