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Broomstick, horizontal format, hectare and xylophone - if you can form a word of any ever so complicated combination of letters then Texto is just the game for you! Following the well-known board game classic at which 2 to 4 players with 7 random letters each form the best word combination on the game board and earn points, Texto is pure entertainment at the virtual gaming table!

The rules for Texto are simple: The first word is laid across the middle of the playing field. Each further word has to contain at least one placed letter and a direct connection to a word already laid out on the board. You receive points for every combination laid out. Should you lay a letter over one or several special fields on the board, you receive a bonus. You can also complement words already laid out by adding at least 2 letters - in this case you receive the full amount of points for the entire word!

The aim of the game is to be the first to reach or exceed the minimum winning number of points. The game ends if this aim is achieved. If no player forms or extends a new word for 3 rounds the game ends.

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