Bank or Prank™

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1 Million Bonus Stars
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Bank or Prank™

3.6/5 (8 votes)


Bank or Prank™ is played on 5 reels – 243 potential winning chances are waiting for you. Enough chances to fill real Star-hunters with delight! The most profitable symbol is the Bank or Prank-Logo.


Your aim in Bank or Prank™ is to land 5 matching symbols on adjacent reels. Your winning combination has to start on the first reel and cannot be interrupted by other symbols. Rather than a fixed sequence of win lines this game features 243 potential winning paths.

Bonus symbols

Mystery symbols

They only appear on the first reel. As soon as you land all 3 Mystery symbols you win a Bonus.

This is how you collect Mystery symbols: When a Mystery symbol lands on the first reel the corresponding Mystery symbol container on the left of the reel lights up and the symbol is saved. When you have collected 3 Mystery symbols you earn a Bonus.

Crazy Wild Symbols

They only land on the fifth reel. When you have collected all 3 Crazy Wild symbols in the game you are awarded the Crazy Wild Game.

This is how you collect Crazy Wild symbols: When a Crazy Wild symbol lands on the fifth reel it is saved in the Crazy Wild container to the right of the reel. When you have collected all 3 Crazy Wild symbols you earn 10 free spins.

Bomb symbols

Was it all for nothing? Maybe! When a Bomb lands on the reel where you have just collected a Mystery or a Crazy Wild symbol, then the symbol is lost. Bomb symbols appear on reels 1 and 5 only.

Wild symbols

The Golden Wild Coin substitutes for all other game symbols. They only land on reels 2, 3, and 4. Wild symbols can land on any reel during the Crazy Wild Game.


Mystery win

When you have collected 3 Mystery symbols (this is visible in the Mystery Symbol container to the left of the first reel) you earn a Mystery win.


When you have collected 3 Crazy Wild symbols (this is visible in the Crazy Wild container to the right of the fifth reel) you earn 10 free spins. Moreover, during the Crazy Wild Game more Wild symbols are placed on the reels.


Hand over the dosh! Or you might as well shout "Gimme the Stars!" because in the slot Bank or Prank™ you will – with a little luck – rake in big winnings on the reels. You will encounter Banker, Joker, Wild and Mystery symbols as well as Bank Notes on 5 reels, but also Bombs that might turn your chances for the big win to dust. Ideally, you will bust the bank, grab plenty of Stars and Mystery wins, and top up your account with a few Crazy Wild spins. Enjoy the bright side of being a scoundrel!

Bank or Prank™ Overview

Theme Detectives & Police
Game Category Online Slot
Jackpot No
Volatility Low-Mid
Lines Allpay
Reels 5

Bank or Prank™ Features

  • The Stars bank will be robbed in this slot spectacle
  • 11 different symbols
  • The Wild symbol can substitute for other symbols
  • Mystery rewards and special Crazy Wild Game possible

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