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Double Luck Nudge

0.4€ - 50€
  • 3.2/5

It seems so simple but it's so crafty: You won't spot Double Luck Nudge's shrewdness at first sight! Because this slot is all about second chances – if at first you don't win, double symbols with arrows make sure that reels move downwards or upwards to give your luck a nudge in the right direction!

The aim of Double Luck Nudgeis to land three winning symbols side by side along the win line. The winning patterns run from left to right.

Bonus Symbols

The '2X symbol' may match all other symbols on a win line and completes winning combos and is also a multiplier: If it lands once and belongs to a winning combo it pays double line wins; if it substitutes for two symbols in a combo it pays four times the line win. The cherry wins when appearing once or twice on a win line!


Double Luck Nudge features symbols with arrows that point either upwards or downwards. When symbols showing a downwards arrow land above the win line, the relevant reel is moved down one position; when symbols showing an upwards arrow land below the win line the reel moves up one position – that way you can land a winning combo despite a failed spin!

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