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Golden 7

0.20€ - 50€
  • 4.8/5

The slot machine in Golden 7carrys golden fruits - if you have the Midas touch! Prove your alchemistic skills and turn the crunchy fruits into the precious metal. The number 7 plays an important role because it helps you to land even higher winnings in her red as well as her golden guise. Let the golden times begin!

The aim with Golden 7 is to land 5 identical symbols side by side on up to 20 lines. The winning patterns run from left to right.

Bonus symbols

The Wild symbol substitutes all symbols in the game except for the golden 7. If the golden 7 lands she turns all the K and Q symbols on the screen into 7s.

You can call up the Paytable during the game by clicking on the ‘Paytable’ button in the bottom left corner of the playing field. The payout ratio (RTP = Return to Player) is 94.00%.

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