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Magic Circle

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How do you play?

Bets, winning opportunities and winnings are displayed with coins. Where: coin bet x coin value = actual amount.


You can choose your individual game settings after entering the game:

· you can adjust the coin value accordingly with the "+/-" keys.

· you can adjust the sound and picture settings in the top right.

You can find an overview of each of the potential winnings to the right next to the lower and upper sets of reels. Clicking on the "Info" button opens the Ingame help texts that contain more detailed information about the game.


Click “Start” to begin each round. “Autostart” begins each round automatically until you deactivate it by clicking “Stop”.

Basic game mode

The game features a basic game mode and a club game mode. In basic game mode, you play on the lower set of reels on one pay line. The bet for one round in the basic game is one coin. If you haven't won but you have a potential winning combination (for example because two reels show the same symbol on a line) you can hold the relevant reels with the 'Stop' button and after placing a bet, spin the other reels again with 'Start'. Use “Clear” to release all fixed reels. If you have won your winnings will be automatically transferred to the clubmeter.

Club game mode

The club game is played on 27 win lines. The stake is one coin from the coin display and four or nine coins from the clubmeter. Winnings are automatically transferred to the clubmeter.

The clubmeter is limited to 200 coins; if the limit is exceeded the coins will be transferred automatically from the clubmeter to the coin display until the clubmeter again displays less than 200 coins. The coins in the clubmeter can be collected with the "Collect clubmeter" button. By clicking on the "Exit" button all coins will be automatically transferred from the clubmeter to the credit.

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