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  • 4.0/5

The Random Runner family has a new member: Random4Runner® comes complete with even more options and greater chances of winning! With five different modes for you to choose from, this slot game has something for everyone. Take your pick: the classic 3-reel version with five lines, the 6-reel game featuring 20 lines and Super Bet Mode, or one of the three other variants. Whatever you play, you’re guaranteed to have fun!

The aim of Random4Runner® is to land three matching symbols side by side along up to 20 win lines. All winning patterns run from left to right.

Bonus Symbols

In addition to classic fruit symbols, Random4Runner® serves up double symbols. The bell, orange, pear and plum can all feature a star. And if any three of these do appear with a star along a line, you’ll receive a special win. Moreover, the symbols with a star can help complete other winning combinations. For example: two pears can combined with a pear with a star. In such a case, you’ll get the same win as a regular combination featuring three matching symbols.

The wild symbol, which can substitute for all other symbols in the game, is only activated in the Super Bet Mode. Moreover, the wild symbol appears on reels B, C, D and E only.

Super Bet Mode

All six reels are used in Super Bet Mode. Wild symbols are also activated and may appear on reels B, C, D and E. The wild symbols substitute for all other symbols to increase your chances of winning. Three wild symbols along a line pay the same win as three star symbols in a winning combination.

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