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What is StarGames?


We are happy to welcome you at StarGames, your gaming partner with entertainment guarantuee. We offer the most popular and the most well-known slot machines, board and card games but paramount is no doubt our standard of quality and the happiness of our customers.
At StarGames you can play for a virtual currency, called Stars, as well as for real money - a unique thrill, that promises lots of excitement and fun!
What can you experience at StarGames?

Real players

You will have to play against real competitors at StarGames!

Real prizes & guaranteed payouts

Nothing is more exciting than playing for real money - so top up your account with real money and bet hard cash! The payout of your winnings is possible anytime. The transactions on our website are secure as well as encrypted - as confirmed by the experts of VeriSign.

Fairness, safety and togetherness

We guarantee an absolute maximum of fairness and ensure that only players with equal skill levels are competing against each other. The skill level as well as the experience of the relevant opponent is completely transparent and visible. All players receive the same starting conditions. The security of transactions and the transfer of game results is guaranteed by our experienced and independent technology partner. The social togetherness of our players is very important to us, which means we have the greatest pleasure in ensuring the growth of our community.

Dynamic jackpots and exciting tournaments

At StarGames we make every effort to ensure onging fun for our players and neverending excitement. One of our biggest assets to ensure fun and excitement are our tournaments: The more participants register for a tournament, the higher the jackpot to be won!

Our services

At StarGames we offer top-quality and exciting games, which we optimise constantly and consenquently - while we are expanding our range ongoingly! We ensure the optimum functionality and smooth running of the game platform. We maintain a healthy community, organize tournaments, and guarantee safe & convenient payment of winnings.
We hope that you will have lots of fun at StarGames and that you will have a great time here! If you have any questions, hints or suggestions that you would like to share with us we look forward to your e-mail at!
We wish you lots of fun and exciting gaming!
Your StarGames Team