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Pharao’s Bingo

  • 5.0/5

Pharao's Bingo: Play now and win!

With Pharaoh’s Bingo you really are an architect of your own luck in the truest sense of the word: 4 pyramids take you to fame and fortune if you manage to build the monuments completely with the right numbers. If you complete your construction project in record time you could be looking at a royal jackpot!

Your goal: Complete up to 4 game cards in the shape of a pyramid. 33 balls with roll into the draw funnel - if the numbers match with those on the building blocks of the pyramids, then they will be marked off. As soon as you have completed a side of a pyramid, you win! If one of the outer surfaces is almost finished you have the opportunity to purchase 9 additional Bingo balls to increase your winning chances.

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