The results of our Spring Competition

Every day from 8th to 14th April, a blossom bearing a letter was hidden somewhere at StarGames. Put together, the letters formed a word: the destination of the main prize! 

The 9 runners-up also picked up cool prizes: 3 pairs of Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses and 6x €150 of Bonus Money!

The word we were looking for was: MADEIRA

1st Place: Jutta F.
2nd - 4th Place: Thomas W., Thomas S., Thomas L.
5th - 10th Place: Andre K., Sandra P., Matthias K., Marion H., Bernhard W., Rithes B.

Jewel Magic

Rearrange the stones, watch them magically disappear and pick up points.


The classic card game - stack the cards and really clean up!

Blackjack Duel

21 is the magic number. Play smart to win!

Today's top winners

Fenriswolf99 $6,006.32
Cigdem1979 $5,333.46
zocker41968 $4,811.57