The results of our Spring Competition

Every day from 8th to 14th April, a blossom bearing a letter was hidden somewhere at StarGames. Put together, the letters formed a word: the destination of the main prize! 

The 9 runners-up also picked up cool prizes: 3 pairs of Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses and 6x €150 of Bonus Money!

The word we were looking for was: MADEIRA

1st Place: Jutta F.
2nd - 4th Place: Thomas W., Thomas S., Thomas L.
5th - 10th Place: Andre K., Sandra P., Matthias K., Marion H., Bernhard W., Rithes B.

The result of our Valentine’s Day competition

The correct answer to our competition question is, of course, Paris!
StarGames would like to congratulate competition winner Mr. Marc L. and wish him a wonderful trip to the city of love! We would also like to wish our 9 winners of Bonus Money all the best and happy gaming at StarGames!